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Crikey its cold in my workshop!! Trying to keep warm in this freezing cold weather has its challenges whilst trying to create ‘amazing garden sculptures’!…. Even poppy my Labrador is looking at me pleadingly.  As if the several blankets and electric heater is not enough for her!…

The winter months can sometimes be a little quieter than the rest, which is actually great for me, especially after my last year being my most successful to date, it’s nice to actually get some time to create something for me.

Its times like these I have the freedom to be inspired by something different, be open to ideas, and see what happens……. On these occasions I feel I usually end up making some of my best garden sculptures.

My most recent ‘winter project’ is the Leopard Head.  I’m really pleased with this one,  and liked the idea of the eyes being lit up.  Its had a great impact, and so far my Facebook friends, far and wide, agree with me. He definitely has a presence, and I think he belongs in someone’s cool pad, or even in on display in a bar somewhere.  Who knows?….Watch this space……

The next exciting creations will be additions to the interior collection. Going on the success of last year, I have decided to make a few more smaller pieces which I hope will enhance the current collection.  They’re not quite completed, but it wont be long before I start selling a few more of the smaller things, which should be around spring time….

So roll on the spring, the snow is great fun for me and my kids, but cold for Poppy my Labrador, and the workshop is freezing! Try as I might, welding with my mitts on isn’t working!…….

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