New Forest Poppy Hunt

Michael Turner Studios – Poppy Hunt 2018

Wow, what a weekend to Remember! November 11th, each year, for the past 4 years I have had the pleasure of helping to raise as much money as possible for The Royal British Legion, by way of a poppy Hunt……

My idea of the hunt came from my Free art Friday giveaway, when I like to make a little something, hide it in the local area, and post a photo onto my Facebook page of where I’ve hidden it, and then wait for someone to find it (finder keepers!!…) So, from that, 4 years ago, wanting to commemorate and remember my Grandfather, who fought in the second world war, I decided to make 11 poppies, and hide them around the New Forest, throughout the day, for people to find and then donate what they could to the Royal British Legion.

I was astounded at just how many people wanted to get involved, and that first year was emotional, but also a really positive experience. So, that’s how it began, four years into it, and I’m still loving it, more and more people getting involved, and it seems to create community spirit, with a little friendly banter involved to boot!….

This year I asked people to give me details of people they knew who fought in the war. They gave me names and service numbers, so that I could then punch the service numbers into the petals of each of the 11 poppies. This then gave the poppies more of a true meaning, remembering 11 service men and women who fought in the war. Making sure we will remember……

Another good thing to come out of the poppy hunt, for me, is having my children involved. They love helping hide them, and then watching when people find them. Its been a great way to help them understand why it is we do this every year, and how their Great, Great Grandparents fought in the war.

Im already thinking of how different I can make it for next year, Bigger and better than the last. Watch this space! If you want to get involved, you just need to like my Facebook or Instagram page to be in with a chance of finding either a poppy, or a little pieces of Michael Turner Studios Artwork.

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