Capturing the beauty of nature in unique sculptures

Michael’s journey as a sculptor and artist began early on. Even as a young boy, his creative spark shone brightly. He had a knack for finding beauty in nature, transforming nuts, bolts, and scrap metal from his dad’s garage into amazing bugs and insects. Seeing his talent, Michael’s parents knew they had to nurture this special gift.

Creative flair

After school, Michael followed his passion for art, enrolling at Bournemouth Art College and then Higher Wycombe University, graduating with honors. Ready to explore his skills, Michael set up his first workshop in the heart of the New Forest at the young age of 22. Surrounded by nature’s wonders, he found inspiration everywhere he looked.

He discovered a love for working with stainless steel, especially recycled materials, for its durability and sleek beauty.

From the depths of the New Forest

Michael started small, crafting intricate stainless steel sculptures of dragonflies, fish, and insects. These captivating pieces found homes in galleries across the country, keeping him happily busy. In 2010, a major London gallery discovered his work, opening a new chapter in his artistic journey. Around the same time, Michael married his lovely wife Jenny, and soon after, they welcomed a son into their lives. This new chapter in his personal life fueled his creativity, leading him to create a life-size Arabian Horse that found a buyer through the gallery. This marked the beginning of a global reach for Michael’s art, attracting discerning collectors who appreciated contemporary sculpture.

Global recognition

His talent even caught the eye of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, who proudly displays a full-size gorilla sculpture in his London restaurant! Signature pieces like “Gorilla on a Crate” and “Crocodile on a Box” became instantly recognizable, solidifying Michael’s unique style. Behind the scenes, his wife Jenny provides invaluable support, ensuring smooth logistics and client communication so each sculpture arrives safely at its new home.

With every passing year, Michael’s artistic journey continues to soar. His dedication and talent are evident in every piece, bringing joy and a touch of wonder to clients around the world. It’s exciting to see what the future holds for this gifted artist!

Crocodile Garden Sculpture

Crocodile Garden Sculpture is based on the Nile Crocodile in Africa, which are one of the biggest in the world....

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