20th Anniversary of Michael Turner Studios BLOG

20th Anniversary of Michael Turner Studios Blog

20 years! I cant believe it! Just over 20 years ago, I left college, moved back home with my parents (don’t we all!…) and had few different jobs from a postman and then to working for Woolworths (I’m sure most of you remember them don’t you?!?…..) Like most, I came to a crossroads in my life and was offered a very respectable job as a manager with Woolworths, and at the time I was still tinkering away in my parents garage, selling the odd ‘nuts and bolts’ pieces I’d made. I asked that loaded question to my parents, ‘what should I do’? Take the security of a well-paid managers job, probably pay off my student loan and know where the next pay cheque was coming from, or take the riskier option of following my dream of becoming a fully fledged artist. To my parent’s credit, they said to go for the latter, and I’m so glad I did. I’m one of the fortunate ones, that get’s to do what I love everyday and I have never once regretted the decision I made.

I wanted to look back at some of my very first pieces that helped me along the way, giving me the confidence to plough on and experiment more and more with stainless Steel.

These bugs were some of my first pieces, and then I had a lucky break with Harvey nicks, who wanted them as a window display in London!….. I still think they look great!

collection of scarab beetle sculptures


My obsession with bugs didn’t stop there, insects, and creepy crawlies seemed such an interesting subject that I just kept on going.

Insect sculpture of an Ant


Green hornet sculpture


Small stainless steel Wasp sculpture


Finally I got my lucky break with my first large commission of a Mermaid. She was an absolute delight to make, and I’m still proud of the piece, although I obviously still look at old sculptures and think today I’d just tweak this and that a little, that’s the perfectionist in me in afraid.


Michael Turner  with Mermaid




I’m not sure where she lives now, it would be nice to know!

So, fast forward 20 years, not necessarily older and wiser but definitely a little greyer around the hair line. I’m still enjoying my job, and still wanting to push myself down avenues I never even dared to dream about at the beginning of my career. I think that’s the key, stepping out of my comfort zone has been really good for me, and it let me dream bigger and bigger. However more recently I’ve discovered that keeping to my roots is still just as important, and my most recent ‘interiors collection’ has taught me that. As much as it’s nice to go for the big stuff, the smaller stuff still matters just as much, and keeps me in touch with the reality of it all.

If you have any of my original pieces, it would be great to see them. Post a picture on my Facebook page (like my page if you haven’t already…) and tell me when and where you got them. Thanks.