Leopard Head Garden Sculpture


This magnificent Leopard Head Garden Sculpture is an unusual and unique sculpture created in stainless steel. Michael created this addition to his Big Cat garden sculpture collection of artwork. Looking closely you maybe able to see that the eyes light up.  Michael has used led lights fixed into the head, creating a striking effect.

This garden sculpture would look spectacular within the interior or exterior of you home.

Each of Michael’s sculptures are unique and handcrafted from start to finish. The Leopard Head sculpture is made with  high-grade marine stainless steel and can withstand most weather elements.

If you are interested in this particular sculpture or indeed commissioning a similar sculpture, then please do get in touch.

The Leopard Head is currently on show and for Sale at the Box Gallery, Chelsea, go down and have a look, and go and say hi to Emma and the team.


Height – 215cm

Width – 105cm

Weight – Approx 50kgs

Images by Carrie Bugg Photography




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