New Forest Poppy Hunt 2020



Wednesday 4th 2020 7am-5pm(wish…)


Due to coronavirus the government have had to start a second Lockdown. This has meant that my usual

New Forest Poppy hunt has had to be bought forward  by a few Days.

Im sorry if some of you are working and cant get out, but it was the best I could do this year and didn’t
want to cancel completely. So, its my Annual instagram/Facebook New Forest Poppy Hunt. For those of
you who don’t know…….. I hide 11 handmade and individual poppies that I have created, throughout the day around the New Forest. I will Post a photo clue on my instagram page, and you have to find it! When
you find it, simply donate to the Royal British Legion, which a link will be set up on my Facebook page &
on my instagram story on the day of the hunt that you can use.
So, get your phones charged, keep an eagle eye out, and have some fun! *Obviously social distancing rules
apply. If you do meet other poppy hunters on route, keep your distance. Please act responsibly, and if you
are driving, please do not speed.
Let’s raise as much as we can, as this year the charity has had to do things very differently, and as a
consequence may not be able to raise as much. Dare I say, even if you don’t find one of my poppies, feel
free to donate on my Facebook page.