Game Of Thrones Inspired Dragons Egg

Game of Thrones inspired Dragons Egg

Game of Thrones seems to have gone ‘Epic’ as the kids say! When my wife started to watch it, I thought she was a little bonkers to say the least. Don’t get me wrong, I love Epic movies / series, but Game of Thrones just isn’t my kind of thing. I’m much more a Star Wars kind of guy, give me Sci Fi any day.  In the past I have been known to make the odd Star Wars inspired pieces, like C3PO and R2D2. Not to mention I gave the X Fighter a good go, and I have to say, I was pretty pleased with all of them.

So, what better way to say ‘Happy Birthday’ to my wife, than by making her a Game of Thrones Dragons Egg! Making it was actually quite similar to making the scales on my Crocodile sculpture. Each piece cut into diamond shapes, and I gently knocked the pieces with a hammer to shape them. Piecing it altogether, to make the Dragon Egg.

Now for the really cool part!….

I commissioned the very talented Jo Vane, the British jewellery designer. She made the bracelet, that would go along with a necklace I had previously had made by Jo, for my wife, Jenny. Both the necklace and bracelet had our children birth stones set inside. I then made a space inside the Dragon’s Egg sculpture, for the box which held the bracelet inside (keeping up?…)

When the day came for my wife’s birthday, and she opened her present, I think she was pretty pleased with the Dragons Egg.  Her face lit up, when she realised that she was actually able to open up the Dragon Egg, to find the Jo Vane bracelet If you want to see the little movie of my wife opening up the egg, you can see it here on my Facebook page.


So, brownie points to me I guess! I love making these gifts, knowing they’re going to last a lifetime. One small problem is I think I may have raised the bar quite high, and I think my wife expects another sort of egg next year!…… I swear I heard her say something about a Faberge?……

If you would like to spoil a Game of Thrones enthusiast with a similar dragons egg, I’m happy to make one for you. Just get in touch. 

Michael Turner is a Stainless Steel sculptor, based in the New Forest, UK. Michael creates beautiful bespoke stainless steel garden sculptures to clients all over the UK and Worldwide. They are all unique and beautiful garden sculptures, from the tinyest of Geckos, to the biggest of Gorillas. You can see many unique pieces of Michael’s work that you may not necessary see here on the website, if you follow him on Facebook or Instagram

Michael is happy to take on commission, if you have any personal requests you can get in touch through the website or contact him on Facebook/Instagram.