Aftercare Instructions for Stainless Steel

A piece of work that is kept outdoors, should not need much maintenance at all.

Stainless steel is naturally a good material outdoors. In each sculpture, the marine grade stainless steel 316 is the finest steel that can be used and will withstand most weather conditions.  For example, if the piece is on a coastal home and is subjected to adverse whether you should just need to wash away any salty residue, with fresh water, to protect the piece as much as possible.

Any rain, wind or snow, shouldn’t have much effect on the steel, however common sense should prevail, and the sculpture should be cleaned with water and household detergent, which will remove any grease etc. once a year.

If you use an iron rich water source, such as a bore hole, to irrigate your gardens, the sculpture must not come into contact with this water, as the stainless steel will react.  Fresh, clean and filtered water will not damage the sculpture.

Work that is left indoors, should not need any sort of maintenance, accept for the occasional dusting when required.

Where a sculpture has a plinth or platform made out of wood, It should Ideally be in a covered area, as water, over time, will damage the wood.

In extreme temperature the steel will become very hot, and it is advisable that you are aware of this, for any children or people touching the work.

When moving or handling pieces of work, for example pieces with teeth i.e. the Crocodile or a piece with feathers, take care in moving, as these areas can be very sharp, and can cut. It is advisable to wear hard-wearing gloves just in case.