Game of Thrones inspired Dragons Egg


This Game of Thrones inspired dragons egg was created for Michael’s wife for her birthday. As she loved the show so much he made this Dragon egg. Not only did he make this amazing stainless steel dragon egg, he made it with a surprise.

On first inspection it looks just like any old dragon egg. But, the egg opens up, and inside Michael placed a beautiful Jo Vane British Jewellery designer bracelet. This Egg could house any gift that you have in mind. A really stunning piece of sculpture, that just in itself would be an amazing gift*.

Go to Michael’s Blog to see how he made the Game Thrones inspired Dragons Egg. You can see a little movie of how it looks when Michael’s wife opened it up here on Michael’s Facebook page

*please note the cost does not include the gift inside. This is additional, and would be your choice of what to have inside. Michael can make any size and work to your budget where possible.

Approximate Size

Height 28 cm

width 25 cm