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Michael Turner Studios Interior Collection Wall Mounted Art

Michael Turner Studios Interior Collection Wall Mounted Art – Prices below

20 Year Anniversary!!!!

This year sees me celebrating 20 years working as an artist. I wanted to mark this significant point in time by going back and looking at my core business, that helped me along the way, and created what is essentially today a thriving and successful business. I have constantly had requests to make the smaller pieces in the past 5 years, so, to mark this occasion I have decided to create 5 of my most popular pieces of the past 20 years.

If you are ordering a gift for Christmas, please make sure you order early so as not be disappointed as this is a very busy period for me.

Most of the below sculptures are wall mounted art, except of course the candle holders and Hermit crab!….. Im happy to do either though….

Candle Holders (Mayfly or Dragonfly available) – £180.00

Gecko – £350.00 – 45cm long*

Shoal of Fish – £550.00 – each fish 40cm long*

Lobster – £750.00 – 60cm long*

Sardines – £900 – 60cm tall*

Dragon Fly – £550 – 45cm with wingspan 50cm long*

Hermit Crab – £1,500 – 25cm shell width*

*sizes may vary slightly as they are handmade

If you can think of any others of which have been a favorite, please feel free to get in touch!

These pieces will be available to buy exclusively through my website, for a limited time period only.

I can send any of the above worldwide, postage and packaging costs apply

Photography by Carrie Bugg